Badminton Tournament in Betalbatim

Badminton Tournament

Badminton Tournament organised by Betalbatim Sporting Club came to an end with crowd getting a sporting display of shuttlers. The 1st All Betalbatim Badminton Tournament organised by Betalbatim Sporting Club saw youngest participant of age 10 and the oldest being 55.  It gave enough of a reason for others to tie up their laces and take up the sport. The badminton fever has caught up in Betalbatim, which was evident after this tournament got 40 entries. The contenders fought and the best came to fight for the top honours. Chief guest Fr. Walter Vaz from Don Bosco College had company of Fr. Lucian , Fr. Euliterio and our youth animator Fr. Milagres. Members of Social Club Mr. Hilary Cota , Mr. Menino Cota and Ms Lorraine graced the occasion.badminton tournament organised by Betalbatim sporting club

 Badminton Matches

In the U-14 boys Herschel Cota vs Mark Cota saw both brothers play a disciplined game. The crowd cheered Mark as he almost snatched victory. Mark gave a tough fight to his elder brother with placements that had the crowd clap for more. Eventually the winner emerged and Herschel grabbed victory. U-17 Boys between Joswell Miranda and Melicio Ferrao saw two upcoming youngsters with lots of badminton in them. Some unforced errors and rush factor saw the match slip away from Joswell and finally Melicio won the match.


In Ladies Singles Deann Rebello fought her usual opponent Carmen Fernandes to win the title. In Ladies doubles Lourencia Ferrao and Ibtisam played a better game to defeat Deann and Carrie Ann. Mixed doubles between Rhys and Carrie Ann played against Deann and Jonathan. After some good rallies Deann and Jonathan were crowned as the winners. In Men's doubles Anthony and Damiao played against Jonathan and Jason. Jason with his smashes and placements along with Jonathan put-up a strong fight against two seniors .

The grand match between Anthony Fernandes and Jonathan Miranda was a thriller. Anthony fought hard and moved like a young teenager. Jonathan played a good match against a experienced and seasoned player Anthony. The crowd marvelled at some of the placements that left Jonathan stranded . The fight was tough and as there can be only one winner, Jonathan grabbed the winners cup.

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