Leadership and Teamwork, important for positive results

There is so much written about leadership and teamwork that trainers have time and again stressed about the qualities of a true leader.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. —-Lao Tzu


Leadership is not about how high you stand, but it is about your actions that make you stand tall

It was a casual visit a shopping trip to a store along with my colleague to pick up a pair of jeans. The pretty girls at the store like always,never fail to impress as they welcomed us. Although leadership important but it is teamwork that contributes in any retail store or an outlet. The owner, manager contributes in terms of motivating his staff which in turns drives sales. For the staff, words of appreciation reaffirms that their boss acknowledges their role in the whole process.

On our way out the ladies section caught my eye. There was a block heeled pair of shoes screaming for attention. Much has been spoken about how shoes contribute towards good health. I clicked a few pics but this particular pic made me think and i thought of writing a bit.

“It follows next in a step,
But helps you land firm as you walk,
Dont belittle the heel, Mr. Toe,
You are infront just enjoy the view, don’t talk.”

Many leaders brag about their role as leaders, but fail to understand that leadership is more of a service guiding others towards achieving any task. There have been many stories about how a single individual have turnaround of businesses because of their leadership qualities.  These success stories have saved many from loosing their jobs .

On the other hand there are some who misuse their leadership and use platforms of leadership to humiliate. Such leaders have been forgotten by people and new leadership takes root because of this vacuum.

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