Organic Farming helps to live healthy and save the environment. Growing of fruits and vegetables is very easy to start. organic radish. It uses your kitchen waste to compost and use as manure. Organic farming is grown in small quantities in small farms. As vegetables and fruits have been commercially grown in vast fields and the quality is compromised. Land is getting scarce and the population is growing that creates a mismatch. Hybrid varieties that yield more are widely used. Mechanised farming makes organic methods impractical. Chemical fertilisers and chemical pesticides find their way in the whole process although it is bad for environment and bad for health. How to get started is the next step. Just follow the below mentioned instructions. 

Material required for farming:

Weeder, Cultivator, Big Trowel, Small Trowel, Garden Fork, Weeder, Cultivator, Big Trowel, Small Trowel.

You can start with 24″ x 24″ square area. The more convenient is raised bed. Pile up a few bricks in interlocking fashion to create a square area. Prepare your area with soil and compost ( vermi compost can be bought to start till you prepare your own )

1. Move your finger in a straight line in the soil to put your seed. Gently cover it with soil.

2. Space batches of three rows to space out the harvest.

3. Sprinkle water to dampen the soil.

4. Once the seed germinate into slightly stronger seedling, transplant them in rows.

5. Use any available mulch to cover the soil. It will help keep the soil cool and avoid evaporation of water , thus minimising frequent watering. Pluck the radish as the leaves grow healthy into a bunch resembling a flower bouquet.