How to write a Blog

Blogging is getting popular in recent times. Before you start a blog it is important to understand that you need to address to the need of the person searching for information. So you need to understand the audience you are planning to reach out. You need to get a brief idea of the circumstances under which your information will be searched.

Blogging , How to start

First and foremost you write the title of the post. The title should be related to the post . eg. If you are writing a post on how to bind books at home, the most simple title would be, ” HOW TO BIND BOOKS AT HOME”.

Once your title has drawn the attention of your viewer, you need to write in brief an introduction. It is important to make it captivating because you want the viewer to go through the remaining part of the post.

Organise your content so it is easy for the reader to follow. Keep the sentences short and brief. This will also help your post to be optimised for web search. You can add some affiliate links in the posts to generate some income. Blogging can be fun once you dedicate your time and post quality content regularly.

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