YouTube Videos have changed the way videos are played and shared.Entertainment industry in Goa is a vibrant force. It starts the year with New year midnight dances right up to the Christmas dances. Carnival in Goa is a three day event before lent.

Nightlife in Clubs and the Dramatic fraternity provide the entertainment the whole year round. Catholic Weddings in Goa are blessed in a Church and celebrated at a Wedding Hall .Open air Venues are getting more popular .

Goa is one of the most sort after location for a destination wedding. If you are planning a Catholic wedding in Goa, then the listed Wedding Bands in Goa, Wedding Choirs in Goa will help you to narrow down your search.

Music in Goa is also showcased here to enjoy Konkani songs of prominent Goan musicians and singers of Goan origin. Regular weekend shows keep Goan oldies alive and the young budding singers of Goan origin have made a mark in the Goan music scene.

Wedding Choirs in Goa are normally booked for the nuptial Mass of a Christian wedding in Goa. A typical Wedding choir consists of 4-5 singers and musicians. A keyboard, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar with optional flute and Violin accompany the choir during the mass.

Wedding Choirs in Goa